We started Three Stone Farm in 2008 on 60 acres of land in Interlaken, New York, in the beautiful Finger Lakes.

Currently, we manage a little over 2 acres of mixed vegetables, with the rest of the tillable land in a small orchard, animal pastures, and hay.

We are a family that chooses to live and work simply and sustainably. We are not certified but maintain our farm in keeping with sustainable practices. We are off-grid and committed to staying small-scale, diverse and local; and to produce the best of food for our friends and neighbors.

Why “Three Stone Farm”?
A three stone fire is the most basic of cooking hearths: three stones are placed in a close circle and used both to regulate the fire and balance the pot. When used with skill, it is still one of the most efficient ways to cook. We chose the name as a reminder of simplicity, efficiency, and appropriateness. We try to practice these in our daily life, living off-grid and being as self-sufficient, yet co-supporting as we can.

Currently we are at the Trumansburg Farmers Market on Wednesdays in June through October from 4-7pm. Visit the links below, contact us or come visit us at the market for more information—we love to talk about our farm!

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