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Message from the Luddites…

Posted by on Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

Ok, so I think we just need to admit that we rarely update our website and embrace our Luddite ways. Can’t post, farming!

Some updates…

This year we put in an acre of sweet potatoes. Besides showing up at our market booth, some of them went to Greenstar Coop and some went to the Full Plate Farm Collective for their winter CSA. It was a pretty awful year for sweet potatoes though. The weather did not cooperate so we got about 1/4 of our expected yield. Next  year, next year! Baby needs new muck boots!

Popcicle had a calf in October. We named him Paco. Our elder daughter wants to train him as an ox, but if he doesn’t make a good ox then we’ll have Paco Tacos.

Winter doesn’t slow us down on the farm. We’ve been working hard getting up a permanent high-tensile fence for our pasture (about 8 acres total). Thank goodness we got all our posts in right before everything went into a deep freeze. We just have some gates to weld and put up, and once that’s done we can stock our pasture with beefers, and hopefully some sheep and pigs. We also have to repair all the things that we just duct taped and bubble gummed during the growing season just to get by. Seed catalogs just came in and Roger is busy at work on a new planting database (our old one got hosed in the Big Computer Crash of 2013). As always, next year, next year!

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Posted by on Sunday, September 15th, 2013

Our computer died so I don’t have access to our recent photos. I managed to get this off my Facebook account though…


Our friend and neighbor Andrew over at Interbrook Farm is sharecropping on our land this year. He planted 2 acres of black oil sunflowers for seed and it was impressive to see them all blooming at once. If I ever recover the files off our old computer, I’ll try to get more posted.

We’re still at Trumansburg Farmers Market on Wednesdays from 4-7pm. Come by and say hi!

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Welcome, Persimmon!

Posted by on Sunday, January 20th, 2013

Catching up with Three Stone Farm…

In November, Popcicle calved a beautiful heifer whom we named Persimmon. She is half Brown Swiss since our AI tech lost our Dutch Belt straws in his tank. But happily, she turned out so nice that even the AI tech commented on what a good match that was. Here she is!


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